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What you should know when visiting Bali

While it may be technically possible for foreigners to live in Bali without learning/speaking Bahasa Indonesia, it is highly recommended that you obtain a working knowledge of the Indonesian national language.
Bahasa Indonesia
is the main language in Indonesia. The Balinese people speaks Bali language to each other.
But you will be fine with these words and short prases.
To get you started and introduce you to the Indonesian national language, are some basic phrases in Bahasa Indonesia.

Good morning Selamat Pagi
Good mid-day
Selamat siang
Good evening Selamat malam
Good-bye Selamat tinggal (if you're leaving)
Selamat jalan (to someone who is leaving you)
Thank you Terima kasih
You're welcome Kembali or sama-sama
How are you? Apa kabar?
Excuse me Permisi or maaf


Do you speak English? Bisa bicara Bahasa Inggris?
I don't speak Indonesian.
Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.
I don't understand. Saya tidak mengerti.


Can you help me? Bisa bantu saya?
Where is the traditional market? Di mana pasar tradisional
Where is . . . Di mana . . .
How much is this? Berapa harganya ini?
I want this. Saya mau ini.
I am hungry Saya lapar.
I want to eat. Saya mau makan



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