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Bali Shopping Tours

Bali shopping tours intended to suit your shopping and style profile, with a special emphasis on making the most of your valuable time in Bali and we make every effort to ensure that your time is spent efficiently. Our Shopping tour programs are adaptable to everyone, regardless of sex, age or nationality.

We also cater buying tours for bussiness. We will find you the perfect supplier at the right price and followup your order to make sure that it is delivered to your destination in a timely manner. We believe that our buying trips program will continue helping thousands of Balinese skillful people, many of whom live in remote villages and do not have direct access to the market to sell their goods.

Fashion & Design Tour
  Duration : 6 hours starting from US$30 per person (min 2 person)
A modern shopping tour for everyone, your six hours tour will reveal local designer fashion and hand made jewelry. Find out of the brand new collections of the most famous stylists while an Exclusive Shopping tour for small groups with Personal tour guide. If you love fashion and shopping, this tour is for you!


Surfing Goods Tour
  Duration : 6 hours starting from US$30 per person (min 2 person)
Billabong, Quicksilver, Rifcurl, Body & Soul and Volcom are the most popular store in Bali offering a wide range of surfing goods, accessories, snow gear and men's and women's clothing.


Buying Tour
  Duration : 8 hours starting from US$35 per person (min 2 person)
Buying Tour is an opportunity to deal direct with factories, not just 'trading companies' and 'buying agents. We will show you how and where to buy best product at a low price while maintaining high quality product and on-time delivery. You can buy goods from different factory outlets in Bali to create a mixed container and avoid the usual Minimum Order Quantities. There are literally hundreds of manufactures, wholesaler and retailers throughout the beautiful island of Bali eagerly to do bussiness with you.


Arts & Antiques Tour
  Duration : 6 hours starting from US$30/pp (min 2 person)
This tour is designed to offer clients an insider's look at the world famous Bali Arts and Antiques tours. Our tours aims to expose you to Bali cultures and their arts.
When you go overseas to travel art tours use a currency converter before buying any art so you make sure you pay the right amount.


Pricing is subject to change, so please Contact us to reserve your tour today!  

There is a cancellation fee of $10 per guest for cancellation within 7 days prior arrival and no cancellation fee for cancellations made more than 7 days.

Shopping Tips:                                                     

  • Many people hesitate to bargain because dont want to seem cheap or argumentative. But are you really willing to pay top dollar just so you can preserve the esteem of total stangers? You are only meeting them this once, and you'll probably never meet them again.
  • Can I bargain? Mostly at the market : Yes, but it would be better to set your standards first. Determining what price your consider to be a great deal, a good deal, mediocre deal, and no deal. When you begin to negotiate, you will start with your "great deal" price and the seller will probably offer the "mediocre deal". Your goal is to bargain your way to a good deal - the closer to your "great deal" price, the better.
  • Show hesitation about buying the product. Even if it's perpect item, the momen the seller sees that wistful look in your eyes, they will know they've got the upper hand. Appear interested, as if you're willing to buy the product if the price is right, but you can certainly live without it as well. When the seller tells you the price, say "Hm... I don't know..."
  • Pretend to consult with reluctant partner. When the seller makes an offers that is most what you want, look distressed and say "oh okay. Well, let me ask my husband/wife/friend.
  • Be prepare to walk away. Bargaining is all about knowing how long to stick it out to be satisfied an when you need to walk away to look somewhere else for better price.
  • Be happy, you need to smile throughout the bargaining process. The seller is much more likely to continue bargaining with a happy smilling face. Getting angry rarely gets you the price you want. If you can bargain, you can try starting off with a third of the price.